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Missing Wire

Welcome, Missing Wire offers a range of services in IT consulting including web, server, and mobile application development. We believe in providing custom solutions built to user specifications using existing standards and common designs. An application should be easy and intuitive to use. If a user cannot easily figure out what an application does and how it works then the application is wrong. The application itself must bridge that gap for the user despite the complexity of the application. This can be achieved through close communication and understanding of the users and their needs.

Along with building custom products for our clients, Missing Wire is also working on some of our own products. We build the applications we want to see and use. These are applications that meet a need for a wide variety of users and strive to improve life in a real way.


Achieve more! Find things to do that match your interests. Compare your achievements with others' around the world.


Record and share the moments of your life, or find something to do that matches your interests.


Mobile Application development

Proven Android and iOS mobile application experience. Utilize the newest technology to reach mobile users.

Web development

Work with us to utilize web technologies and give your site a modern look and feel. Advanced knowledge with HTML5 and CSS3, professional experience with JSF web framework and PHP server-side scripting.

Application design

Save time, effort and money. Manage your data and optimize functionality with Java integrated solutions.


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Life Achievements


HTML5 and CSS3