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Who would you nominate to be the next President of the United States?


Mission: On-line Voting

uVote is now hosting recurring monthly nominations.

Write in your vote to gain instant access to colorful and easy to read graphs. Swipe through the charts to see how people voted in the current poll and all previous polls. The optionally collected user data is securely packaged and delivered back to you as an accurate model of the opinion of the community who voted.

Your donations keep the servers up! For contributions to democracy and free data, donations of $10 or more are welcome. We will also send you a sticker, because who doesn’t love stickers. To everyone who supports what we are doing, a big thanks from Missing Wire.

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It’s 2017, why can’t I vote online? We had the same question and decided to do something about it.
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Free to all, Safe and Simple to use!

This release of uVote is our first simple demonstration of what it might look like to put voting online. Sign up now and place your nomination. Compared to uVote the official government operated election uses an electoral college in conjunction with the popular vote of the citizens. uVote collects the votes of the people directly. uVote will give the community better insight into their choices as a whole in this election.

Ask us how you can get involved!

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We are building community driven platforms for education, dialog, and social impact. These are systems that organize and empower those who use them. Our applications are platforms that put communities in control.

Like us, many others around the world are working everyday towards improving how we live as a society. If you are one of these, we should get connected, we want to hear from you. Contact us if you want to connect, get involved, ask some questions or just chat about what we are doing.

We welcome anyone who wants to help so ask us how you can get involved.

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